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Cakes and Custom Orders

Here at Twisted Treats we think the best way to celebrate is with cake.

Below we have options to help you on your way to creating your dream cake.

Please fill out this contact form if you would like to enquire about booking

Please note, although we require a minimum of 7 days notice for cake bookings, our diary does get fully booked quite quickly so we advise to book as soon as possible.

In order to book in your date, we will take a non refundable deposit dependant on size and style of cake.

All cakes are made by hand and may differ from any pictures featured.

Our kitchen stores and uses a range of ingredients that may contain allergens and we can not guarantee that any items wont contains traces, so please do inform us of any allergies you or your party may have.


Set Cakes

sometimes its hard to come up with an idea for a cake, so we've created a set list of some of our most popular cakes.

Available in three sizes:

Mini, our cute 5inch cake, suitable for 6-8 people

Regular, our most popular size cake, suitable for 10-15 people

Big boy, for when you just need more cake, suitable for 20-25 people

Plain ol' vicky sponge 

Vanilla sponge, strawberry jam and vanilla frosting. We can customize this to any colour, its anything but plain!

Mini: £35
Regular: £45
Big Boy:£60

Chocolate, Ferrero & Nutella 

Chocolate fudge icing, a dense chocolate sponge and lashings of nutella decorated with ferrero rocher, hazelnuts and a chocolate drip.

Mini: £50
Regular: £70
Big Boy: £90

Jammie D  

Raspberry and vanilla sponge, vanilla frosting, filled with raspberry jam and decorated with everyones favourite, jammie dodgers and a white chocolate drip!

Mini: £45 (ve £48)
Regular: £60 (ve £65)
Big Boy: £80 (ve £85)


Crazy about biscoff? So are we! Vanilla sponge or chocolate sponge, biscoff icing, filled with biscoff spread and decorated with lotus biscuits, crumbs and a biscoff drip (we can also do this in vegan!)

Mini: £45 (VE £48)
Regular: £60 (ve £65)
Big Boy: £80 (VE £85)


6 layers of brightly coloured rainbow sponge covered with white vanilla frosting to create the ultimate rainbow surprise. Decorated with a white chocolate drip and rainbow sprinkles

Regular: £65 (ve £70)
Big Boy: £85 (VE £90)

Bespoke Cakes


If you're after something a bit more extravagant and personalised then we can help you design your own bespoke cake

Overload cake

Do you have a favourite chocolate bar, biscuit, sweet or cake? Our overload cake is rammed full of your favourite goodies AND IS DEFINITELY A CAKE FOR over indulgence

Prices start at £110 (FEEDS AT LEAST 25)


Twisted Stack

Need a cake, but love our selection of brownies/Blondies? Our Twisted stack cake is piled high with a mountain of your favourite flavours from our counter

Regular: £100 (ve £110)- Feeds 20-30
Big Boy: £120 (VE £130) - Feeds 30-35

Themed cake

obsessed with starwars? Love dinosaurs? Want to remind someone of that crazy week in las vegas?
Our themed cakes are the one for you! not only are they topped with all your favourite goodies but they can be completely customized with miniature fondant models of your chosen theme. Need some inspo? head over to our Instagram page to have a look at some of our previous cakes

Prices start at £150


Custom Orders

We can do custom orders for all our fabulous items we sell in our shop.
So if you need a whole cheesecake or you haven't seen your favourite rocky road in a while then drop us a message and we can help you further
(please note there are minimum order quantities)

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